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Hey there, my name is Brent Wiethoff (bofco.com and iactuallymet.net) , and I am a freelance designer. creativeTrack was born when I, in my typical designer-disorganized way, began to be unable to keep tabs on all the projects I had going amidst an otherwise already cluttered life. Having some programming experience, I decided to develop a tool that could keep me from getting confused. After months of development and use, this tool evolved into a very helpful business tracking system that streamlined workflow in my own projects. creativeTrack was created out of a need for organization in the design process.

Some time later, it occured to me to offer this service to other business-folk, particularly the freelance designer. For a reasonable rate, I imagine entrepreneuers and designers are certainly open to anything that will help them stay on top of the hustle of contract work. It works for me: I've got an account of my own.

If you like creativeTrack, tell someone about it! Our business grows best with referrals.

Say what you may; it's more about the proper way of doing things than the money I'm getting for running this site. Why else would I offer FREE individual accounts? creativeTrack is a private venture, and although it's just me running it, I will guarantee your satisfaction.


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