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What is creativeTrack?
creativeTrack is an online project management and tracking system that allows users to log in to keep tabs on their ongoing jobs. Standard accounts are FREE. Dedicated accounts can purchase a subscription to keep their account active.

Can I get freelance jobs with creativeTrack?
No. creativeTrack is for tracking the jobs you've gotten from your own efforts. We're not here to help you get new work, but make sense out of the work you've gotten. See our links for a list of resources for finding gigs.

Why do I need creativeTrack?
Avoid disorganized business. You can't get anything done if you don't know what's going on.

Stay informed. Don't go to a meeting without knowing who said what, when the last updates were made, and how much is on the line.

Back yourself up. When disputes over progress, process, or production arise, storing your records with creativeTrack ensures your entire project log is ready to prove what happened.

Retain profits. With tax-friendly reports, creativeTrack delivers numbers you can use on deductions from your 1099 or other income paperwork.

Collaborate with teammates and clients. Dedicated accounts offer the option to allow multiple team users as well as client login, so you can all be on the same page.

How can I sign up?
Simple! Just go to the sign up page and select your type of account. Payment is powered by PayPal.

What does creativeTrack's service cost?
Individual accounts are FREE. Dedicated accounts, which include a number of special features, aren't. For full information on creativeTrack pricing, please see our pricing guide.

Who's behind creativeTrack?
Please see the about page for the full article on who's behind creativeTrack.

How does creativeTrack work?
creativeTrack helps you stay in touch with what's happening in your own projects by allowing you hands-on access to your own project records. While it is your responsibility to update and maintain the records, creativeTrack stores them safely and readily for you to retrieve. This gives you the advantage of information.

Is my information safe?
It is creativeTrack's policy not to sell or distribute any personal information about our clients or your clients to any third-party entities, including email addresses. Please read the terms of service for more information.

Does my information get backed up?
creativeTrack's databases are stored on a redundantly backed-up server. Additionally, databases are downloaded to a remote location daily to ensure safety of data. You can also read the terms of service for more information.

What if I have trouble using creativeTrack?
creativeTrack was developed from the ground up, so if there's a problem, we can help you. Once logged in, an inquiry page is available to ask questions. Additional help pages, summaries, and quick answers are available for self-help as well. If those don't work, contact us!


creativeTrack is...
a simple way to keep track of your work
easy to navigate and simple to understand
safe, protected, and backed up
built from the ground up
always on the road of improvement
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